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How Cyber Hackers Target Real Estate Agents

Cyber Fraud prevention - a simple guide book

Cyber criminal gangs are targeting real estate agents across Australia. It has never been easier for a would-be criminal to break into your office network, install malware and silently wait until the time is right to drain your bank account.

You can reduce your risk of cyber theft. Our new e-book, 'The Real Estate Agent's Guide to Preventing Cyber Theft" is ready for you to download, FREE.

In this FREE ebook you will learn:

  1. Easy ways to keep your mobile devices, WiFi networks and computers protected against hackers.
  2. Case studies of cyber crimes against businesses: how they happened and what could have been done to prevent them.
  3. A layman's glossary of common cyber crime and hacking terms.

Simply put, the information in this ebook will protect your bank account.