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Protect Your Customers. Defend Your Business. With BankVault for Business, your business is secure and worry is a thing of the past.

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90% of Hackers Target the Weakest Link
(Psst! The weakest link is your computer - not your bank's website!)

Most hackers and malware target the end users’ PC. It’s way easier to breach than secured websites (like your bank’s website) since the average PC user relies only on firewalls and anti-viruses for “online security”. Criminal hackers can easily find a way to bypass firewalls and anti-viruses with only a few lines of code -- giving them the power to get your passwords, hold your payroll to ransom, lock you out of your client files, or empty your company bank accounts.

Using an anti-virus software and a firewall doesn’t protect you from all potential online threats. Especially those that steal your information quickly, even before you detect and eliminate them.

Can your business risk getting hacked?

Banks can take months to replace stolen funds. Can your business operate without liquid assets while banks investigate?

What’s your risk of a cyber-attack?

  • Bank security fobs and SMS fail to protect in cyber heists
  • 1 in 10 Australian organisations attacked in 2015
  • $1m on average is reported lost due per business
  • Trustees are liable for replacing all stolen money within 24 hours
  • Banks don’t compensate until days… weeks… months…
Fully secured BankVault Business

Don’t want to lose your hard earned money, clients, and employees?
Get the best security against cyber-attacks.

Specifically Built to Protect Your Business

Every business is different. BankVault tailors your solution to suit your business best.


Security That You and Your Clients Can Trust

Plug & Play OS

Startup from a simple USB, your BankVault Key. Instantly launch a secure micro operating system to keep you invisible as you transact, bank, and browse online.

Enterprise Grade Security

BankVault Business provides the highest performance and security for your organization. Prevents malware, hackers, and even OS-layer attacks by using its own micro OS.

Secure and Anonymous

Securely bank, transact, and browse online whether you’re in the office or not. Each session connects you to a remote virtual machine that’s temporary, random, & secure.

BankVault Business is for organisations that prioritise protecting their own and their clients’ critical information from hackers and malware.

BankVault Business Features

When cybercriminals attack businesses, they don’t discriminate between the size of business or how successful you are. Your only real weapon to safeguard your business’ reputation and your customer’s confidence is BankVault Business.

Defend Bank Accounts

Security bank fobs and SMS codes fail in every cyber heist. Defend the money in your company bank accounts and trust accounts from being stolen.

Protect Payroll

If your bank accounts are empty, you cannot make payroll and your staff may walk. Protect your business’ reputation by ensuring that your payroll is protected by actively using BankVault Business.

Safeguard Sensitive Data

This extra layer of security on top of your existing anti-virus, internet security software, and firewall transforms your computer into a fortress to shield sensitive data on your computer while using it.


BankVault Business launches from a USB device that is paired with your computer. As the computer boots directly from the USB, nothing on the computer can cause harm—even if it is infected.

Open Email Attachments Safely

Open suspicious emails, suspect file attachments and links safely without worrying that a hidden virus will infect your computer network.

Public Wi-Fi Is Now Safe

If you work on the go, rest assured that your computer is safe when connected to public Wi-Fi. Just start up with BankVault and your computer is a fortress that no one else can access.

Secure Printing

Printing documents may seem safe and harmless but think again. Most hackers can easily steal the information that they need from your printer. But with BankVault Business, you can easily print sensitive documents, even though your printer’s not technically installed!

Secure File Storage

Even though each remote virtual machine gets deleted after each session, you may still access files you’ve downloaded in previous sessions. They’ll be stored in a safe and hidden place that only you can access. You can even run unknown, suspect attachments safely!

Secure File Transfers

BankVault Business allows you to map a local drive letter on your PC, making you share data files between accounting systems and online banking. With this feature, you can also transfer sensitive documents from your bank (e.g. ABA files), share trades, etc. back to your local computer.

Private and Anonymous

BankVault keeps your anonymous by blocking cookies, randomising your IP address, and other computer identifiers.

How BankVault Secures Your Computer

BankVault lets you browse on a remote virtual machine. It’s temporary, random, and secure. Any malware or viruses will never reach your computer since each remote virtual machine is completely separate from your own device and will be deleted after every session. Additionally, it provides each user a random IP address which effectively hides your real location.

BankVault Business gives you more security to protect critical information from falling into the wrong hands. Since it launches through a simple USB – your private BankVault Key -- it isolates your operating system (works on Windows, Linux, and OSX) and boots up into its own secure Linux operating system. This blocks any OS-layer malware or attacks, providing maximum security for your business.

The BankVault system is simple and easy to use. The solution the BankVault team have developed is elegant and novel in the way it addresses the cyber threat to the unauthorised hacking of access to a bank account via computer with compromised security.

- John Beech, Executive Coach, TEC Chair, ex-Executive Director Orbital Corp (NYSE/ASX)

The Most Powerful Online Security Yet For Business

Get enterprise grade online security in one simple device to defend your business from cyber criminals.
Can you risk being unprotected?

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With BankVault Business you can:

  • Safely and securely bank, trade, shop and work online
  • Open untrusted files
  • Run unknown software
  • Click on suspicious links
  • Open risky emails and attachments
  • Prevent websites identifying or tracking you
  • Access websites blocked by firewalls or company policy without risk
  • Transfer files between your PC and BankVault

None of these are advisable or controllable on a physical computer, even with good antivirus.
happy business women with BankVault

Check our FAQs for more benefits, questions and advantages.

BankVault Business standard features include:

  • Secure access to BankVault virtual machines using a dedicated secure device
  • Support for Word, Excel and PowerPoint file types
  • Support for common image files and PDFs
  • Familiar web browsers including Firefox, Chrome
  • Virtual keyboard
  • High performance
  • Support for printing
  • Persistent file download
  • Secure, convenient, private and safe from harm
BankVault additional features