Does BankVault protect against ransomware & malware too?

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Yes! Malware (a general term for malicious software including spyware, adware, viruses, and other damaging and intrusive programs) have taken a more dangerous turn with the rise of ransomware programs such as cryptolocker. Ransomware hijacks the files that are stored on your computer, and holds them to ransom. People have had to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to regain access to their files… assuming the hijackers ever return the documents.

Personal financial data, family digital photo files, private documents, and work files are all vulnerable to ransomware threats. Holders of these documents are prime targets for ransomware hijackers.

Using BankVault eliminates any threat from malware threats such as ransomware, because you can operate in the safe virtual computer environment that is separate from your computer. Malware cannot install on your computer from the virtual computer environment, and so it cannot affect your operating system or reach your important documents.