How does BankVault compare to antivirus software?

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Antivirus software is great. We encourage you to keep using it, antivirus and other types of security software fulfil an important role in keeping your computer safe. But it’s not comprehensive and still relies on variables such as timely updates and global threat monitoring service responses.

Use BankVault when you just need to be certain about your security.

Nearly all antivirus software works by monitoring your computer and network for malicious files which it recognises based on the ‘signature’ of the file. This is an efficient way to work in the background of your computer without impacting its performance. Your antivirus software regularly updates its ‘list’ of signatures to watch out for by checking in with its vendor headquarters about the latest risks.

The problem for antivirus is that a complete list of all possible dangerous signatures that ever existed would need to be billions of signature long. That’s far too big and complex for most computers to handle without impacting your system’s performance.

Vendors get around this by maintaining a ‘current’ list of a few million signatures on your computer, and sending out regular updates to your software for emerging, re-emerging or new threat types.

Advanced antivirus and security software also introduces other approaches such as monitoring your computer for unexpected or risky ‘behaviour’.

Combined, and thanks to the diligence of antivirus companies, this works well, but it is still constantly playing catch-up with the latest and ever-changing smorgasbord of threats circulating in the wild.

Other malware types can be difficult for antivirus to detect. Many of the Ransomware attacks over recent years actually use the high-quality encryption built-in to your operating system against you. Your antivirus won’t try to prevent your own computer from encrypting its files, and the encryption is so good, there is no unlocking it without the key—time to pay!

BankVault does away with all of this catch up and indefinite approaches by removing your computer—the antivirus on it and any malware that got past it—from the situation.

BankVault doesn’t sit there to be targeted. It gives you access to a pristine computer, virus-free, just created, safely hidden, far away, and soon to vanish.