How does BankVault Web protect me?

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BankVault Web gives you access to our secure BankVault virtual machine right from your browser. You can bookmark the page or launch it from the button on our website.
BankVault Web protects you using the same simple principle used by all BankVault products: you can’t hack what isn’t there.

When you logon to BankVault Web using your browser, you are automatically and securely connected to a virtual machine hidden in the cloud. (See our how it works page for more detail).

Unlike your computer, BankVault’s virtual machine is a simple—but importantly—secure desktop. You can go online and conduct your business just as you would from your own machine, using familiar browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome.

While you’re using BankVault, all the data and activity which would normally originate from your computer, is instead generated by that remote virtual desktop.

BankVault Web enables you to operate online from a place that is secure, secret, anonymous and safe.

BankVault also protects your computer by preventing anything dangerous you encounter while online, passing back to your computer. Nothing malicious can pass from the BankVault virtual machine to your computer—or vice-versa.

BankVault Web is a cost-effective solution which protects you from just about every kind of attack and malware that exists.