How secure is BankVault?

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BankVault is the most secure endpoint user solution on the market today.

BankVault is secure because is it uses the cumulative effect of different techniques to provide a definitive comprehensive level of security. Combined into BankVault’s solution, all possible threats are eliminated.

  • Virtual
  • Remote
  • Temporary
  • Random
  • Secret
  • Pristine
  • Untraceable

When you go online with BankVault you are:

  • Immune to threats that require a physical computer and its software to attack
  • Moved (technically, not literally) far away from your computer, which is the weakest link in the chain and where most attacks, virus and security problems occur.
  • Working somewhere that won’t exist for long enough to attack
  • Working somewhere different every time
  • Working somewhere that is not identifiable as your computer
  • Working via a clean, perfect, pristine, up-to-date, secure and safe computer every time

From a technical perspective your location is hidden. Your BankVault session, for the short time it appears, would seem to anyone who could find it (and they won’t) to be sitting somewhere on the internet (BankVault’s secure data centre). Your session is allocated a shared IP, which is changed each time you start a new session. This protects your location, your privacy, and your identity.

Add to this that your session is temporary. Everything you do with it will vanish, impossible to track, hack or attack.