How to boot up BankVault Business by default

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Many BankVault Business clients dedicate a single PC to be used only for bank transactions using BankVault. This is a ‘belts and suspenders’ approach that we recommend if you can manage it.

If you wish your computer always to boot automatically when the BankVault Key is inserted, you will need to change the boot order of your machine by permanently altering the BIOS settings and putting USB ahead of hard disk and DVD.

Here’s how to permanently change your BIOS boot order settings…

  1. Enter the BIOS by pressing an interrupt key rapidly when the computer first powers on.
    (Remember from above…The interrupt key is typically F2, F9, F12, Esc or Del. Unfortunately, depending on your manufacturer it may be a combination. If it is not displayed, check online with a quick Google search for your computer make. Try a search like this: “Changing BIOS boot order Lenovo”. )
  2. Ensure the boot order has USB in the first place and then save the configuration settings. You will only need to do this once.