How to Print When using BankVault Business

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BankVault has an independent spool area for holding print jobs. Print jobs wait there until picked up by the BankVault print program. This program can be installed on any other Windows PC you use. The print program runs completely separate and independent from the BankVault virtual machine from which you bank.

  1. Install the BankVault Print Spooler program that can be downloaded here.
  2. Launch BankVault Print, select the printer you want to direct the jobs to, then login with your account and press “Connect.”
  3. The BankVault Print program can be minimized and sit idle in the background.

BankVault print jobs will add to the spool area until the print program logs in with your account ID. If you reboot your Windows PC and have print jobs spooled you will need to launch the BankVault Print program again.