What is SafeKeyboard?

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BankVault relaunches SafeWindow with our new “invisible keyboard”.  Called SafeKeyboard it runs in conjunction with SafeWindow to bypass completely any malware or keyloggers on your local operating system.   The keyboard runs off your mobile phone (Apple or Android) and pairs with your remote SafeWindow virtual machine and displays characters back on your local PC.

The new SafeKeyboard is designed  to enter critically sensitive login details such as banking credentials and completely bypass any malware on your local PC/Mac.

This is how it works.  The BankVault SafeWindow application installed on your local PC/Mac instantly builds a pristine, new, virtual machine at a randomized remote Internet address.  It appears as a SafeWindow on the local machine and runs completely independent of the local device.  Being a disposable machine it can be used for a variety of purposes such as: examining potentially hazardous websites or email file attachments containing ransomware or viruses; or securing critical online transactions such as banking or share portfolio trading.  The BankVault system provides a clean endpoint device which is secure, anonymous and untraceable from hackers but appears on the local PC/Mac screen.

SafeWindow SafeKeyboard

SafeKeyboard is used to completely bypasses the local PC/Mac operating system which could contain keyloggers or other malware.  The keyboard running on your mobile/tablet uses a sophisticated new cryptography technique which can only be interpreted by the remote virtual machine it’s paired with.  Banking login forms echo a strong of “****” characters in the password field when you use the local keyboard or mouse but a keylogger can record these keystrokes before they appear on the form.  SafeKeyboard however doesn’t run through the PC/Mac.  Even malware on the mobile/tablet itself can’t interpret anything that is being typed because no characters are being interpreted and there’s no screen feedback to capture.

SafeKeyboard is designed to run with the BankVault SafeWindow application launched from your local PC/Mac.   

To use SafeKeyboard simply download from Google Play Store or Mac AppStore (pending approval Apple Store). Your user ID and password is the same as your SafeWindow software installed on your computer.