Why should you use BankVault?

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BankVault gives you certainty about your security and privacy when you go online.

Every day we handle sensitive information and conduct important financial transactions on the internet using computers which are under attack from scammers, hackers, malware and other online threats.

BankVault solves one of the biggest weak points in computer security—the end user’s computer or ‘endpoint’.

Large organisations invest millions in protecting their systems and information, yet still struggle with cyber-attacks.

  • You do not have the resources of an enterprise security team.
  • You can’t be sure your antivirus has up to date virus definitions (more on antivirus below)
  • It’s difficult to be sure you haven’t inadvertently clicked on something risky.
  • Your computer is the most vulnerable link in the chain.

BankVault simply eliminates these problems by switching your online activity to somewhere safe, secret, secure, anonymous and random.