You can’t run your business without cashflow

If a cyber criminal interferes with your cash flow by hacking into your business account your entire business is jeopardized. Cash flow not only enables the payment of all your business expenses, such as your employees’ wages, rent, and stock, but also represents the value and situation of your business.

As important as it is, due to the way most businesses are organized operationally, cashflow is also one of your business’ most vulnerable areas.  That vulnerability is accessible through your entire employee network — offering hackers multiple entry points through multiple strategies, including through social engineering.  Here’s a chilling example from our blog.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) experienced a painful privacy breach in 2014 that leaked confidential details including home addresses of taxpayers and was forced to delay the tax-filing deadline… Following the breach, the agency’s security and internal-affairs division put 16,000 employees to the test by sending them a phishing e-mail similar to the most common tricks. NOTE: they were all warned ahead of time that a phishing email would be sent. Even so,  22% still weren’t able to dodge the plot. That’s about 1 in 5 people And all it takes is that 1 innocent click.  (Full Story)

Playing smart and safe alone isn’t good enough anymore when everyone around you is connected so closely and shares everything.

Does a 22% rate of failure feel safe enough for you?

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