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How BankVault Protects You

Be Invisible To Hackers

Hackers steal billions of dollars from Australian account holders every year, mostly through viruses and malware secretly placed on personal computers and devices. BankVault’s patented technology instantly creates a hacker-safe environment for your online activity.

Be Fully Protected

Unsure about an email attachment? Worried to click a link? When using BankVault, you can rest assured that any malware (e.g. viruses and ransomware) you accidentally trigger will not pass through to your computer. You, your computer, and your network are all fully protected.

Always Safe

The virtual machine operating system you create with BankVault is new, clean and fully up-to-date each time you open it. It will always be free from bugs, errors, hidden malware and other threats that creep into ordinary networks.

Always Private

Most websites track you using things like cookies, your IP address and other computer identifiers. A BankVault session doesn’t enable or accept them. You are untraceable and untrackable.