“We knew we were being targeted by hackers. Around the same time I do rent roll transfers each month we would receive phone calls from someone different claiming to be from our bank or another institution trying to confirm information.

It was a ploy - fishing to confirm my date of birth or some other information relating to my identity. We were alert to it but they sounded so authoritative. It was chilling and shows just how prevalent this kind of cyber theft is becoming. They are extremely sophisticated and learning fast. Our trust account carries huge sums of money at certain times of the month and by law if anything goes missing we have replaced the missing funds in under 24 hours, or the Dept. of Commerce shuts us down.

The banks simply don’t compensate that quickly and we simply don’t have that kind of money. That is a significant business risk. We’re extremely happy with BankVault and use it for all online financial transactions. It’s given us peace of mind.”

Catherine and Tom, Real estate agents

BankVault Professional is advanced protection for an unpredictable online world.

Conduct online banking, online shopping, trading and other web services from a secure, temporary, pristine remote desktop that sidesteps the software and techniques used by most hackers. Use BankVault Professional to examine and delete potentially hazardous email attachments or access infected websites with complete immunity.

BankVault Professional’s additional features include:
  • Support for Word, Excel and PowerPoint file types
  • Support for common image files and PDFs
  • Firefox and Google Chrome
  • Virtual keyboard to avoid keyloggers
  • High performance
  • Support for printing
  • Secure file storage

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How BankVault Works


Banks have tighter security than households and most businesses. The easiest way for them to hit pay day is to target your personal computer. 90% of all financial cyber heists are via “protected” PCs, smartphones, and tablets via unsecure home or work internet connections, through public Wi-Fi, or visiting a website that contains hidden malware. Security banking fobs and SMS confirmation codes fail to completely protect you from these tactics.

Once your computer is infected, a hacker can spy on you and secretly watch while you type in your passwords, as well as access your computer’s camera and microphone, and steal your personal identity data. Hackers can watch you for weeks or months, discovering your online behaviours to know when you make transfers or receive funds, in order to time their attacks for the biggest score.

BankVault is a simple technology that stops back account hacking and secures all your online transactions. You’ll never need to worry about bank account hacking or identity theft with BankVault.


BankVault feels no different to using a web browser. Simply start the BankVault program, as easily as opening Chrome or Firefox, and begin browsing online, doing your online banking, or access your online email program.

You'll be safely operating in a clean, fast virtual machine environment that provides you pristine prevention. This means that you're untraceable, immune to viruses, and safe as you work and play online.

Your experience with BankVault is fast and easy, as your virtual machine appears instantaneously when you start the program. Because there is no need to maintain or update the software, you’re fully protected at all times.


BankVault instantly creates your virtual machine using the servers at our data centre. A data centre is a highly secured computer environment, much like a bank. It’s protected and monitored with far greater levels of security than any home or business computer.

Our software provides an even higher level of security than a regular data centre. The BankVault virtual machine is created as data that exists across the facilities many servers. Any attacker who managed to access the data centre would still not be able to access anything specific as your virtual machine is temporary. It disappears after your session, and will be replaced with a clean new virtual machine at the start of your next session.