Anti-ransomware and cryptolocker virus protection that actually works

Most security advice these days is about ensuring that people don't click on 'dodgy' links or emails. Cyber security awareness and training only goes so far. Studies show that even after training, the majority of people still click accidentally click on 'suspect' links and emails that they genuinely thought were actually genuine.

That's exactly why BankVault is superior to any other cyber security program out there. You can do anything like visiting websites or downloading invoices and other email attachments that you thought were real without fear of unleashing a virus and being held to ransom. If you do accidentally unleash a virus, all you need to to is to close the BankVault program down and it instantly disappears without a trace. Open up a new BankVault session and the virus is no longer there.

It's the same technology that hackers use to evade the police. It's the same technology that cyber security experts use in their daily life to catch the culprit.

For an affordable free, you can now easily evade the bad guys and protect your computer.

BankVault Professional’s additional features include:
  • Support for Word, Excel and PowerPoint file types
  • Support for common image files and PDFs
  • Firefox and Google Chrome
  • Virtual keyboard to avoid keyloggers
  • High performance
  • Support for printing
  • Secure file storage

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* If you cancel the BankVault annual subscription within 30 days for any reason, we will refund all but your initial first month of service. No questions asked.