Alert: Newly Discovered Adware Can Install A Trojan Into Mac OS X

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Type of Alert: Adware affecting Mac OS X

What is Stolen: The adware – Adware.Mac.WeDownload.1 – when launched, asks a user for administrator privileges to install Adobe Flash Player onto a Mac. Don’t do it! Once you grant admin access it activates a trojan that harvests all of your personal data and sends it to a command and control server.

Who is Vulnerable: Anyone using Mac OS X

Description: The adware, once launched and granted administrator privileges will in turn install malware and different types of Trojan originating from the Trojan Conduit family. In other words, once all the bad stuff makes its way onto your Mac, you can rest assured that you’re compromised for good and your personal data along with other details will end up on a remote server.

At this point in time, the vulnerability remains unpatched. The fix might be a part of the upcoming OS X 10.11.1 update, which will make its way onto Macs around the world once OS X 10.11 El Capitan sees its release on the 30th of September. Till then, the only thing to do is try your level best to remain safe online and not download anything from shady sources at all.

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