High Alert: Google, Microsoft & Adobe Address Persistent Security Issues

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As a Microsoft, Google, and Adobe user are you sure you are not vulnerable to the security threats these companies are battling with?

These leading software providers continually take the initiative to update their software and apps. It is imminent that clients perform these updates to adequately deal with all possible vulnerabilities. Are you up to date?

In the February 2016 security Bulletin, Microsoft calls attention to the different vulnerabilities that many of its products are exposed to. If you are an Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Windows, Office and or a .NET Framework user you should be concerned. These are the some of the products Microsoft issued critical updates for.

Six of the Microsoft security issues highlighted were ranked as critical while seven others were ranked as important. A critical security issue has the capacity to be executed without you taking any action. ‘Important’ refers to an issue which can easily lead to a user’s software data being compromised.

Where Adobe is concerned, if you use programs such as Flash Player, Bridge CC and Photoshop CC there is also a reason for concern. The vulnerabilities found in these products can easily allow an attacker to exploit the software or app in a variety of ways which will enable an attacker to gain access and control a target system or software.

Internationally acclaimed Google has not been left behind either. This software giant issued a new version of Chrome for Windows, Linux as well as Mac. This update is designed to address an entire range of vulnerabilities.

It is never enough buying original software or app from App Store or Play Store. You will need to update all your software and apps regularly in order to reduce your vulnerability. Don’t forget that one update is never enough; keep your eye open for the latest updates.