NAB Online Banking Scam

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NAB Online Banking Scam

If you are a National Australia Bank customer, please be aware that there is a brand new phishing and social engineering scam targeting you right now.

Phishing scams are a common method used by cyber criminals where they send emails looking like it is from a legitimate source in order to gain personal and financial information from their targets. It comes from a person or organisation that you trust, so victims never suspect until the scam is complete.

The emails that have been sent to NAB customers state that the National Australia Bank will shut down accounts if identity is not provided to verify that they are a real customer. According to, these nasty attackers managed to avoid anti-spam filters in email inboxes because they have replaced ‘o’ with a ‘circle’. It is thought that the hackers’ IP address originates from Spain – not Australia.

These cyber criminals have gone to the extent of clicking on a link which takes them to a very real looking NAB login page. An unsuspecting NAB customer may log in and then they are asked to fill in a number of personal information such as contact details, account information, and credit card details. Even when these details are filled in, the victim is then redirected to the actual NAB banking page so it all looks rather legitimate. Victims who actually provide their information provide enough information to potentially financially cripple themselves.

Please be aware that NAB will never ask for personal details via an email link. Modern-day phishing scams are rather sophisticated as it has become increasingly difficult to identify whether online fraud scams are legitimate or not. If you have any concerns, National Australia Bank customers should contact their bank to report it or just delete the email.

““Phishing attacks are getting smarter all the time — faster than legacy anti-spam and anti-phishing technologies can adapt. Even savvy users can be duped by campaigns like these, making more sophisticated anti-phishing solutions a necessity,” he said.

It’s a constant cat-and-mouse game between hackers and cyber security experts, and as these types of scams become more sophisticated, a greater level of awareness and public education is required.” – taken from

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