Priority Alert – Latest Google Chrome browser update needed

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In the recent past, several vulnerabilities have been discovered on Google Chrome. Google has taken a quick step to tame the vulnerabilities which have been discovered by internal as well as external security experts. It has released an update for the Chrome web browser to deal with these vulnerabilities.

Whenever new versions of this browser are available, Google Chrome automatically updates. The latest vulnerabilities are pretty serious and can cause a great deal of damage. You are therefore strongly advised to switch on the ‘automatic updates’ option in order to receive all the necessary updates every time they become available. [How to video.]

The updates often take place in your computer whenever the browser is closed and reopened. Yet, if you don’t close your browser, you will see a colored alert on the top right side of the screen. A green alert means that the update has been available for 2 days and if the alert has been available for 7 days, the color is red. For iPhones, you will need to visit App Store and Play Store for Android devices.

To have an older version of Google Chrome or any other program leaves you exposed to any attack by criminals. Such vulnerabilities can be exploited by the criminals to gain access to your system. By using these flaws, criminals can easily gain access to your personal information. They can then steal your money from your online integrated bank account or install a malware on your computer.

According to the external security researchers, there are four main vulnerabilities that Google Chrome has. Internal experts at Google discovered several more other flaws which make the older version of the Chrome browser susceptible to corruption by online criminals. Google’s latest update seeks to correct all of these vulnerabilities. Be on the lookout for this update!