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SAFE WINDOWFor professionals, small or home offices, and individuals. You need affordable protection with maximum flexibility.Business For businesses that have dedicated finance staff managing trust accounts, large financial transactions. Your business cannot afford to be a bank hacking victim. You need a secure online banking solution for your business.
Starting from $19.95/per monthStarting from $100/per month
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Security Features
Launches fromInstalled software on your computerUSB device inserted into a computer
Secure Web BrowsingReclaim your browser and stop hackers making money off your searches
Invisible to Hackers Instantly sidesteps them so your bank accounts and personal data are safe and secureAA++*
Stops KeyloggersEvade criminals trying to steal your passwordUse our virtual keyboard to evade most
Safe BankingEasily defend your money from being stolen by money hungry virusesA*A++*
Shop Safely OnlineDefend your computer from prying eyes trying to steal your credit card detailsA*A++*
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Complete Online Privacy Even when using Public Wi-Fi
Ransomware and Cryptolocker PreventionDon't let your computer files be held to ransom!^^
Virus & malware protection No updates required!
Other Features
Download Files in BankVault
Supports Microsoft Office and PDF Documents
File Transfers-
Compatible withWindows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10. Mac for latest OSX (It does not support ARM CPU)64-bit desktop, laptop computer or Mac (It does not support Intel Atom or any type of ARM CPU)
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* Safe Banking and Safe Online Shopping: By using the virtual keyboard to enter your login credentials and sensitive financial information, you will evade keyloggers. Click to find out more.

^ Ransomware and Cryptolocker can be prevented if you are using a web browser-based email provider such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, or Outlook

- For Business, WiFi is only compatible with Mac 2014 versions and up. If you have an older Mac computer, internet connection is only available through an Ethernet connection.

- All prices are in Australian Dollars

Protect yourself before you get hacked!

I was recently hacked. Out of the blue, I received a message confirming that my phone number had been transferred to another provider. When I rang my mobile phone company, they confirmed it and the woman suggested I check my bank accounts. I did and discovered that my bank account had been robbed of thousands of dollars.

I was told that the hackers had gained access into my computer and were watching the keystrokes as I went into my bank account – then they went into my bank account to transfer the money out. To do that they also had to take control of my mobile number so they could use that to get the transfer verification codes from the bank.

Not only was my bank account empty but it also took me a week of running around get my mobile phone back.

I now use BankVault. It is something I can actively do which ensures I am secure when banking online.

Leanne C., Health Professional

We use BankVault – and only BankVault – for all financial transactions. We knew we were being targeted by hackers. Around the same time I do rent roll transfers each month, we would receive a phone calls from someone different claiming to be from our bank or another institution trying to confirm information.

It was a ploy, fishing to confirm my date of birth or some other information relating to my identity. "We were alert to it but they sounded so authoritative”, said Catherine. “It was chilling and shows just how prevalent this kind of cyber theft is becoming. They are extremely sophisticated and learning fast. Our trust account carries huge sums of money at certain times of the month and by law if anything goes missing we have replaced the missing funds in under 24 hours, or the Dept. of Commerce shuts us down.

The banks simply don’t compensate that quickly and we simply don’t have that kind of money. That is a significant business risk. We’re extremely happy with BankVault and use it for all online financial transactions. It’s given us peace of mind.

Catherine and Tom, Real estate agents