BankVault Professional

For solo professionals and small offices looking for convenient computer security protection.

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Peace of mind to pay the bills, shop online, and bank safely

BankVault Professional is advanced protection for an unpredictable online world. Easy to use and fast, you will access the same ‘virtual machine’ technology as BankVault Business.It also introduces a range of core features suitable for home and small office environments, including support for printing and the storage for downloaded files.

Conduct online banking, trading and other web services from a secure, temporary, pristine remote desktop that sidesteps the software and techniques used by most hackers.

Use BankVault Professional to examine and delete potentially hazardous email attachments or access infected websites with complete immunity.

BankVault Professional Features


BankVault Professional launches from a simple app installed on your desktop, connecting you instantly to your secure BankVault virtual machine. It is handy if you use the same computer every day.


BankVault Professional includes a clever printing solution, enabling your remote virtual machine to print to your normal printer. Great for printing off sensitive documents for authorisation and balancing month-end accounts.

Secure File Storage

Even though BankVault Professional creates an entirely new and different remote ‘virtual machine’ every time, we’ve made it possible for you to still access files you downloaded from previous sessions. There are hundreds of ways you can use this to keep your computer secure. For example, you can download and work on critical documents without worrying about that document infecting your system! Or you can download files and access them on your BankVault computer before risking your own.

With BankVault Professional you can:

  • Safely and securely bank, trade, shop and work online
  • Open untrusted files
  • Click on suspicious links
  • Open risky emails and attachments
  • Prevent websites identifying or tracking you.
  • Access websites blocked by firewalls or your company policy.

None of these are advisable or controllable on a physical computer, even with a good antivirus.
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Great Protection for Home Office Users and Solo Professionals

Fast & Secure

Work with complete immunity using a fast, anonymous, temporary machine.

Bypass firewalls & content filters

Access blocked websites without risk to your computer or network.

Hide your location

Shared IP, anonymous, no cookies, no tracking.
BankVault App additional features

BankVault Professional additional features include:

  • Secure access to BankVault virtual machines using a dedicated app
  • Support for Word, Excel and PowerPoint file types
  • Support for common image files and PDFs
  • Familiar web browsers including Firefox, Chrome
  • Virtual keyboard
  • High performance
  • Support for printing
  • Persistent file download
  • Secure, convenient, private and safe from harm

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Advice about BankVault Professional limitations
System Requirement

BankVault Professional requires 64-bit Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10. Mac for latest OSX version.


The only type of malware we need to talk about.

BankVault defeats attacks and malware using the inherent benefits of a virtual machine. A virtual keyboard is also provided to stop keyloggers recording your keystrokes, but, in a scenario where a keylogger has already infected your physical computer, BankVault Professional cannot prevent the possibility that some keyloggers may capture screen shots of your screen each time you click. It’s not likely, especially if you’re also using antivirus, but you should be aware of this single limitation of virtual machines accessed via desktop apps.