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We use BankVault – and only BankVault – for all financial transactions. We knew we were being targeted by hackers. Around the same time I do rent roll transfers each month we would receive a phone calls from someone different claiming to be from our bank or another institution trying to confirm information.

It was a ploy, fishing to confirm my date of birth or some other information relating to my identity. We were alert to it but they sounded so authoritative”, said Catherine. “It was chilling and shows just how prevalent this kind of cyber theft is becoming. They are extremely sophisticated and learning fast. Our trust account carries huge sums of money at certain times of the month and by law if anything goes missing we have replaced the missing funds in under 24 hours, or the Dept. of Commerce shuts us down.

The banks simply don’t compensate that quickly and we simply don’t have that kind of money. That is a significant business risk. We’re extremely happy with BankVault and use it for all online financial transactions. It’s given us peace of mind.