For anyone looking for a secure browser to access bank accounts or the cloud securely you need SafeWindow.

Starting from $19.95/per month

Security Features
Stops Keyloggers & SpywareEvade criminals trying to steal your passwordUse our invisible SafeKeyboard Click to find out more.

Ransomware PreventionUse SafeWindow to open suspect emails via your webmail.
Virus & malware protection Software is self upgrading/self-evolving every time you login ensuring the latest stable version of all software. No updates required!
Easy to InstallInstalled software on your computer
Benefits and why you need it
Secure Web BrowsingReclaim your browser and stop hackers making money off your searches
Invisible to Hackers Instantly sidesteps them so your bank accounts and personal data are safe and secure
Safe BankingProtect yourself against Bank Account Takeovers from cyber hackers and malware
Secure Cloud Transactions When you need to browse or transact on sensitive cloud based applications such as accounting or CRM platforms.
Travel Safe OnlineEnsure when traveling your browser viewing and transactions are secure
Shop Safely OnlineDefend your computer from prying eyes trying to steal your credit card details
Complete Online Privacy Even when using Public Wi-Fi
Other Features
Download Files in BankVault
Supports Microsoft Office and PDF Documents
Compatible withWindows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10. Mac for latest OSX (It does not support ARM CPU)
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* Safe Banking and Safe Online Shopping: By using the SafeKeyboard to enter your login credentials and sensitive financial information, you will evade keyloggers and spyware. Click to find out more.

- All prices are in Australian Dollars