Peace of Mind for Your Bank Account

Comprehensive Security for All Your Online Transactions

The BankVault Internet Security Advantage

Be Invisible To Hackers

Hackers steal billions of dollars from Australian account holders every year, mostly through viruses and malware secretly placed on personal computers and devices. BankVault’s patented technology instantly creates a hacker-safe environment for your online activity. Your bank accounts and personal data are safe and secure.

Be Fully Protected

Unsure about an email attachment? Worried to click a link? When using BankVault, you can rest assured that any malware (e.g. viruses and ransomware) you accidentally trigger will not pass through to your computer. You, your computer, and your network are all fully protected.

Always Safe

The virtual machine Operating System you create with BankVault is new, clean and fully up-to-date each time you open it. It will always be free from bugs, errors, hidden malware and other threats that creep into ordinary networks.

Always Private

Most websites track you using things like cookies, your IP address and other computer identifiers. A BankVault session doesn’t enable or accept them. You are untraceable and untrackable.

Always Up-To-Date

Antivirus software is only as good as the last update, leaving you vulnerable if a new virus is missed or an update is delayed. BankVault works differently, moving your online activity to a safe place away from any likely attack. Without updates, BankVault continues to protect you when you are using it.

Safe Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi networks are a favourite starting point for hackers looking for victims. BankVault protects you by instantly creating an encrypted connection that shifts your online activity safely off your machine. Public Wi-Fi is no longer a risk!

Unrestricted Access

BankVault bypasses technology that restricts access to websites. It can be used on networks to access websites and services safely. You’re not technically using their computers so you can’t put them at risk.

Cost Effective

For the price of a meal per month, BankVault provides instant access to a protected environment where you can bank, browse online, and open suspect emails with confidence in your total security. Malware such as ransomware and viruses are no longer a concern. Your peace of mind is assured.

Loved by OUR customers

BankVault is security that makes sense to our customers. They love the control and certainty it gives over their own security. BankVault is there when they need to be sure they’re secure and private.

Our customers’ feedback is always the same: “BankVault means I don’t have to blindly trust that my computer is safe or that I know everything right. I use BankVault when I need to be secure.”